The association

Junior Management Science (JUMS) is the first scientific journal, which publishes the best
business theses in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. JUMS is academically advised
by over 50 professors from 30 universities.
The journal JUMS is based on a non-profit association: Junior Management Science e.V. The
association was founded in 2017 to promote academic research. To accomplish its mission

  • publishes in particular academic business theses
  • to honour scientific performances by students,
  • to sustainably improve academic teaching by introducing consistent standards of
    quality across universities,
  • to conserve scientific contributions by students,
  • and to promote knowledge transfer between society and research.
Der Vorstand mit Maximilian Göbel, Dominik van Aaken, Nikolas Breitkopf, David Florysiak, Torben Damm und Sebastian Waic
Our partners

Our partner and supporter is Joachim Herz Stiftung (JHS) from Hamburg. JHS focuses on
promoting education and research projects. The work of Junior Management Science e.V. is
significantly enabled by JHS.

The VHB is the German Academic Association for Business Research and pursues the
development of business research and business studies as an academic discipline at

The main objective of the association is to foster research and education in
business and management, as well as providing a platform for members, practitioners, and
domestic and foreign institutions with similar objectives.