Junior Management Science, Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2022, 504-523

Inter-Organizational Relations of Social Enterprises – A Systematic Literature Review

Sophie Gröbner, Freie Universität Berlin (Bachelor Thesis)

A social enterprise is a company founded by a social entrepreneur following a social purpose. Inter-organizational relations of social enterprises are an important topic in research on social entrepreneurship. The aim of this paper is to provide an overview regarding these relations in the context of a literature review. The findings are seperated into the following three cooperation phases: initiation, process and outcomes of social enterprises‘ inter-organizational relations. Furthermore, insights about the functions of network management are collected. The findings show that the most articles focus on the cooperation process and strategic networks are examined most often. In addition, it could be observed that cooperative alliances with other organizations play an important part in social entrepreneurial practice. Inter-organizational relations of social enterpises represent a promising topic for future research. Research about aspects concerning the initiation phase and the outcomes of these relations is especially required. The functions of network management need to be further examined in this research context as well.

Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship; Social Enterprise; Interorganisationale Beziehungen; Netzwerke; Netzwerkmanagement.