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Junior Management Science (JUMS) is the first and only academic journal for bachelor and master theses in management and business.

Submission at
Students can submit their thesis for free and in a few clicks. They do not need to edit their thesis — they can submit it to JUMS in the same format they submitted it to their university.

Double-blind peer review-process
After a first check by the Department-Editors, two independent experts which specialise in the topic of the thesis (“peers”) evaluate the anonymised (“blind”) thesis.

Publication at
JUMS publishes the best theses quarterly. Because it publishes the theses open access, everyone across the globe can access and cite the theses for free.

Advisory Editorial Board
An Advisory Editorial Board with 80 professors from 57 universities from 8 countries guarantees the quality of the review process and of the published theses.

In principal
In principal, you can submit every bachelor or master thesis from any area of business studies in German or English language. It does not matter when and at which university you completed your thesis.

There are three exceptions. First, your thesis must have been marked by your university. If you submit your work before this, you might violate your university’s examination regulations.

Second, you must not have explicitly granted your university or supervisor the right to use your thesis for their research or publish it themselves.

Third, if you wrote your thesis in cooperation with a company or if you are enrolled at a university of cooperative education, the regulations may differ. In those cases, you should check the contracts with the your company or university. If you are still unsure, we recommend you to get in touch with your company or university.

JUMS does not know the mark of your thesis and evaluates your thesis independently of its grade. Your reviewers do not know who you are, what your name is and at which university you studied. Hence, you can receive additional independent feedback from your two JUMS-reviewers. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by submitting you thesis — quite contrary, you can gain a lot.

Normally, you do not need to ask your supervisor for permission. However, we encourage you to inform your supervisor, anyways.

If your thesis passes the double-blind review process and is published, it is nice to thank your supervisor in a acknowledgement which JUMS gladly publishes with your thesis.

You can submit your thesis in a few clicks and minutes at You only need to upload your thesis and fill in some contact information — and you are ready.

Basically, we think it’s great if you also submit the data and calculation methods that you used to achieve the results of your paper. For qualitative methods, this can also include interviews and coding schemes.

The data stored in the JUMS data archive gives your published article much greater visibility and makes your article look even more trustworthy.

However, make sure to respect data protection and any existing rights of third parties (e.g. companies). You will find more detailed information here.

You can upload your thesis in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .dot and .dotx format. If you prefer to upload several files, you can add them by clicking “Select files”.

The review process usually takes several months.

Employees who cannot influence the evaluation of your thesis anonymise your thesis and forward it to the Department-Editor who specialises in the area of your thesis.

The Department-Editor checks your thesis for a first time and decides whether the thesis will pass to the double-blind peer review-process or whether they desk-reject it. As part of the double-blind peer review process, two experts who specialize in the area of your thesis („peers”) independently evaluate your anonymised („blind”) thesis.

If both reviewers recommend to publish your thesis, then JUMS will publish your thesis in one of its next issues. If both reviewers reject your thesis, then JUMS does not publish your thesis. If one reviewer recommends to publish your thesis and the other recommends to reject it, then the Department-Editor writes a third review which decides about the publication of your thesis.

If your thesis is not desk-rejected, then you receive the reviewers’ evaluation as feedback — even if your thesis does not get published.

The following diagram illustrates the review process.

You can no longer edit the content of your thesis after submitting it.

In some cases, you can edit the language and format of your thesis after submitting your thesis. For this, please email

If JUMS publishes your thesis, JUMS will send you the thesis in its design and ask you to check it before JUMS publishes it.

To see how your thesis will look like, please check out the previous JUMS-issues.